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I am on the road headed for Twisp where I’ll spend my summer living primitively.  Most of my preparations are complete and it was a long time coming.  I am excited after this summer to have a full set of primitive living gear.  Imagine everything you would need to go backpacking all summer… well that’s basically what you need to live primitively – clothing (buckskin), sleeping bag and ground pad (bison hide w/hair on), cooking pot (clay pot), matches (bow-drill), dehydrated food (acorn flour and deer jerky), backpack (pack basket), water bottle (gourd), boots (moccasins), knife (stone knife) and so on.  I’ll also have primitive fishing gear and a bow with arrows.  What about a tent?  We will just build shelters as needed.  From what I hear it rains far less in eastern Washington than in the west.  Wish me luck on the rest of my trip…. Oregon was beautiful but I didn’t do a very good job at taking pics.  I’ll try to do better the next few days.

It took many hours and help from good friends to turn 40 pounds of acorns into 8 pounds of dried food.

Some natural tool flint knapping practice. Working on antler punch notching and antler ishi stick pressure flaking.

8 tanned deer skins, one tanned elk skin, one partly softened moose skin, several rawhide deer skins. Lots of work!

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