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Went tracking with some friends today and saw a lot of cool stuff.  Really nice vole tracks, a rattlesnake, Red-tailed Hawk tracks, and a ton of owl pellets with perfect vole and pocket gopher skulls inside.  But the coolest thing that we found was a barn owl wing laying out in the grass.  Later we found a hollow tree and looked up inside to find the other wing and tail which we were able to pull down with a stick and examine.  I can’t think of what would have killed this barn owl and why half of it would be up in a hollow tree, and the other half out in the grass.  Very strange.  If anyone has ideas, I’d love to hear them.

Red-tailed Hawk tracks


Pocket Gopher skull and jaw bones









Barn Owl pellet


Barn Owl wing up in the tree

Barn Owl wing



















beautiful feathers



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