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We had an awesome eval in southern Maine (the first ever in White Pine Programs’ backyard) led by George Leoniak and Mark Elbroch.  I learned a ton and got to see some tracks I had never seen before.  I squeaked in on my second Gauntlet but missed the second question – washed out Ring-billed Gull tracks.  I called them black-bellied plover which were common in this area but I should have paid more attention to the trail width which didn’t fit for plover.  Ended up with a 99.9.  Oh well.  It was great to see old friends and spend a week in prime New England fall colors.  Here are some pictures.

Herring gull eating a crab. Question was: what made this mark? Answer: crab shell (can you see it?)

Gauntlet question that I missed - Ring billed gull tracks.

Raccons eating the flying squirrel that was accidentally left outside.

Southern Flying squirrel feet. Check out how the pinky toe is right in line with toes 2 through 4. This is a recently discovered distinctive trait of flying squirrels.

Herring Gull scat

Periwinkle trail

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